Concrete Data builds web-based software, mobile apps and analytic tools for demanding, data-intensive industries. Our software enables our clients to capture large quantities of data, discern patterns, and act rapidly.

Your business is complex. Our tools help you manage it.

For task workers, we design clean, powerful browser and mobile interfaces that let your employees cut through visual clutter and focus on getting the job done.

For teams, we build collaborative applications that let workers share insights, integrate information across functions, and put information in context. We’ve built geospatial reporting applications, project and cost control systems and task management tools that keep work flowing smoothly across organizations.

For executives, we design powerful dashboards that summarize data from multiple systems, let you visualize how your business is performing and enable you to pinpoint problem areas.


Concrete Data Helps Maritime Shippers with Regulatory Filings

We are pleased to announce that Mariner Group, LLC has selected Concrete Data to build a document management application for maritime shippers' regulatory filings. As ports and customs agencies tighten security, maritime shippers must provide detailed and timely reporting of their cargo, crew, ballast water management practices, and more. Concrete Data will be using its strengths in data and interface design to help these shippers lighten their regulatory load.